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Swedish Meatballs

Good old Swedish meatballs. Full of flavour and creamy perfectly goes well with cauliflower mash. And this is proper comfort food especially during the winter. And once again it's not that difficult to make it but it just takes time to cock it as you want all those flavours to taste in the cream and the meat. So let's get started

Creamy Chicken Livers

Simple and easy to make chicken liver casserole. Sometimes our bodies are short of iron especially when we change diets. So too making sure that our bodies are properly fuelled we need to eat right. Animal organs are full of iron and extremely healthy and good for you if you follow a ketogenic diet.

Tender Roast Beef

This is one of my Sunday roast dishes. This recipe it takes a little bit of doing fuss around it as I call it, but on Sunday I don't mind to be honest with you. Sunday it's a chill out day for me and I love spending time in the kitchen making that delicious Sunday roast dinner with a glass of red wine by my side. You can't beat it. Not everyone loves to spend hours in the kitchen. For me it's the happiest place in the house, ok now you think I'm weird lol and I probably are but we all like to eat and not just any food but really delicious food. Well let me tell you that it takes time to prep it and to cook it. This recipe is simply classic and its simple to follow and the secret is just a good quality of beef and fresh ingredients, so make sure to get nice piece of rib eye from your local butchers and make sure you have fresh rosemary, I absolutely love that refreshing smell of rosemary so during the summer I always make sure I have in my garden.

Lemon Loaf

I love anything that has lemon flavour. Love that zesty and at the same time fresh lemony flavour. This is very easy and quick to make, so If I fancy something sweet on Saturday afternoon it won't be a problem as those ingredients I always have in my cupboards. This lemon loaf obviously is made from almond flour and we all know not all cakes turn out nicely raised or have nice texture, but not this one. I got it right for sure I made this loaf for birthdays and other occasions and nobody even thought that this was a healthy version. All you gonna need is a loaf tin and all the ingredients of course. Enough of talking and let's bake

Greek Salad

Who doesn't love during a hot summer day a nice and refreshing greek salad. It's kind of a must have on the table dish when you do bbq well at least it's for me. All those refreshing flavours of summer cucumbers and tomatoes you can't replace that. And the dish on the table looks amazing with so many different colors, it really stands out.

Marinated Grilled salmon

Salmon by far is my favourite fish. I can eat until it starts to come out from my ears for sure lol. When I have a super busy day and the last thing I want to think is dinner salmon comes in handy for sure, it's probably because it's easy and quick to make it. It doesn't take too much fuss and also it's super healthy, all that omega-3 vitamin that your body needs. And also I completely understand it's not easy to stay healthy when you are constantly on the go, busy with work or busy with the kids. So I recommend having frozen salmon in your freezer. It doest take long to defrost and it's super quick to make it. So this recipe that I'm about to share its really scrumptious.

Chocolate Cake

Who doesn't love chocolate cake. This is one of my favourite cakes, it's really moist and dairy free you can't go wrong with this right. It's quick and easy to make as most of my recipes and all the ingredients you normally have in your cupboard anyways. So if you decided last minute that you want something sweet there it is chocolate cake.

Italian Salad

When the summer outside your window and you have no idea what you want to eat. As it's too hot to cook and you don't want anything hot to begin with but certainly you fancy something fresh and light to eat. I love my Italian salad so simple to make with no effort, also it's great to put something on the table when an unexpected guest arrives. And those kinds of ingredients you always have in the fridge. Also it goes really well with a glass of rose or a nice glass of gin and tonic with a fresh cucumber slice in there.

Lamb Kofta With a Kick

I had one of those feelings. I want to eat something different but I don't know what. I had enough of chicken and pork or fish. So then I remembered one of my summer dishes, lamb kofta. Super easy to make it and it is something different. Normally in the summer I would use bbq charcoal grill to grill the meat but in the winter I use an oven grill lol I know it's not the same as the bbq grill but it does the trick.