28-Day Advance Your Wellness Journey

For those who need additional guidance and encouragement to keep going.

Four 60-minute, Weekly Personal Wellness Coaching Sessions 

+28-day Wellness Success Package

Are you ready to begin or continue your lifelong wellness journey, but need an extra boost of confidence and support to help you stay on track?


This 28-day program provides all the information you need to get started on your journey, including four personal weekly support calls with Gintare, Your Certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach to help you through each step.


Plus, get everything listed below to help you stay on the right path for lasting results.


  • Four 60-minute, weekly personal wellness coaching sessions with Gintare, Your Nutrition & Wellness Coach.

  • An adapted version of ketogenic diet principles to use as a guide to help you kickstart your wellness journey.

  • A 28-day Wellness Success Package: featuring simple and convenient solutions to meet your fast-paced lifestyle:

              ✔︎  Easy-to-follow, 20-minute recipes for each day of the week, for 4 weeks.​

              ✔︎  A done-for-you shopping list to help you save even more time.​

              ✔︎  A food diary to help keep you focused and accountable for achieving your desired results.​

              ✔︎  The support and tools you need to start your wellness journey.



  • Fun and simple keto cocktail recipes to enjoy.

  • Vitamin and supplement intake recommendations based on your goals and needs.



  • Simple steps to clean out your pantry, fridge, and freezer, and restock with the right foods. 

  • The 8 ketogenic foods that can help you speed up weight loss

  • How to overcome the dreaded “keto flu”.

  • My proven process for setting up the right macros for your body.

  • How to set goals and count macros.



  • The importance of nutrition and why nutrition density matters when it comes to weight loss.

  • Tips and tools to determine how to improve your digestion.


Need a little guidance and encouragement to keep going? This program’s for you.

I need a little extra support to help me stay on track!