Meet Gintare,

 Your Certified Ketogenic Nutrition & Wellness Coach

Helping women develop a healthier relationship with food.

Back then, no one was talking about nutrition like they do today. As Gintare began to research how dieting works and how our metabolism functions (especially as we get older), she realized the only way she could find precise answers was to become a certified nutrition coach.


In addition to becoming a Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Coach, she also interviewed many ketogenic and plant-based food experts in her search to become as knowledgeable on the subject as possible.


Through her research and certification, she learned why nothing was working; it was due to the amount of low-quality, processed food she was eating. She began to understand how different the food she had grown up eating was from the food that many people eat today.


Gintare eventually understood what she would need to do to start feeling and looking better; she would need to change her lifestyle and to get to know “real” food again - food free from growth hormones and artificial ingredients designed to make it look and taste better. While finding real food in today’s world is more difficult, it is not impossible. She knew she could do it, and that she had to do it, for the sake of her health.


Gintare’s Lifelong Wellness Journey

Gintare’s journey to getting back to the “old-fashioned” way of eating, and the positive results it had on her health, inspired her to want to help others in the same situation. She has always been into health and nutrition, but this newfound appreciation for the results of applying healthier eating habits fueled her passion even further.


Gintare has worked in the restaurant business for many years, so she understands the struggles that busy professional women deal with when it comes to staying healthy. She knows how challenging it can be for women who are working full-time (and overtime), who are also trying to keep up with healthy eating habits and make time to be active.


On top of having a busy lifestyle, Gintare also understands what it’s like to have additional health challenges thrown in the mix. She has an underactive thyroid, so eating healthy food is even more important for her overall health. Gintare recognizes that living a healthy lifestyle will help her to avoid being dependent on medication for her health problems.


“My health comes first, and food is the root of health. Having a healthier relationship with food is not just about losing weight – it’s also about optimizing your general wellbeing.”

Fitting Real Food into Real Life

Gintare understands that eating real food isn’t always convenient, that life gets busy, and that no one is perfect, including herself. She recognizes that eating healthier takes a little longer at first, but that there are ways to fit healthier eating habits into even the busiest of lifestyles.


Each of her wellness programs is focused on helping women learn how to cook meals from scratch that don’t take hours. She believes in consuming sugar in moderation and in eating “real” food as often as possible – vs. constantly eating food out of a jar or box.


While her methods are adopted from ketogenic diet principles, Gintare uses these principles as a general guide in creating a more comprehensive diet plan – one that is focused on meeting the specific nutrition and wellness needs of each individual.

Gintare’s overall mission is to help women develop a healthier relationship with food - one that promotes long-term wellness.


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Gintare Balseviciute has always loved a challenge.

So, when the scale started climbing – seemingly out of nowhere – she knew she had her work cut out for her, but that didn’t stop her from getting to the bottom of the issue.

Growing up in Lithuania, Gintare remembers always having access to “real” food – not the processed stuff that fills much of our grocery stores today. She was raised to cook from scratch with whole foods and ingredients. The fruits, vegetables and meat on her table all came from the local farmers; it was all “organic” by today’s definition.

When Gintare moved to London, she noticed that much of the food in the grocery store came in boxes and cans, or vacuum sealed with labels reading “fat-free”, “low-fat”, “reduced sugar”, etc. Not long after she began eating the foods that were supposed to be “healthy” for you, she began gaining weight, without realizing what she was doing wrong.

Having moved to London in September, Gintare had gone up a whole size in clothing by Christmas time. She didn’t know what was happening, and immediately began trying different diets to take off the weight. Though the diets were marketed as being “low-fat”, they were often based on recipes and products that were loaded with sugar. Like most fad diets, they would work for a while, but eventually her motivation, energy, and ultimately her health – started to decrease as a result.

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“I have been there, and I have felt what you are feeling. Seemingly out of nowhere, my clothes started feeling tighter, and I saw the scale climbing. And no matter what I did to fight it, I couldn’t stop it. I was determined to find a way to get as close as possible to feeling the way I did in my 20s. What began with a determination to help myself feel better, turned into in-depth research and resulted in my earning my certification as a nutrition coach. I have taken what I have learned and what I have experienced and developed a guide, which is included in each of my wellness programs.”

~Gintare Your Certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach

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